Raising donations and selling jewellery in support of the Tuareg people of Timbuktu.
A charitable fair trade initiative in partnership with the Tuareg artisans of Timbuktu

Fair trade and charity
network & links

Galleries and Outlets

The Pitt Rivers Museum

Family friendly museum in the centre of Oxford. Has contemporary style shop with well-chosen range of products including an excellent selection of Tuareg jewellery from Jump4Timbuktu. The shop is great for finding a lovely gift and includes textiles, jewellery, crafts and more. We are delighted that our jewellery is endorsed by this prestigious museum.

Website: www.prm.ox.ac.uk

The Horniman Museum

Another family friendly museum on the banks of the Thames in central London. Has an excellent selection of Tuareg jewellery from Jump4Timbuktu for you to view, try on, and hopefully purchase. Make sure you allow time to take a look around their wonderful exhibits including in Summer 2010 an exhibition focussed on Tuareg culture.

Website: www.horniman.ac.uk

The Blue Ginger Gallery

Cradley, Malvern. An art gallery and gift shop in Malvern where the atmosphere is welcoming and inspirational. Sue Lim, the gallery owner, accompanied Jump4Timbuktu to Timbuktu in February 2009 and has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the issues on the ground in Timbuktu as well as a Gallery featuring not only Tuareg jewellery but also a wonderful range of quality art and craft gifts.

Website: www.blue-ginger.com

The Haymakers

Hay-on-Wye. A co-operative of professional designer makers with a superb range of gifts. Made the Jump4Timbuktu initiative possible through being the first gallery to feature the artisan jewellery and offering to do so on very low commission terms. Chris Armstrong, a member of the cooperative, has visited Timbuktu and is now a director of Jump4Timbuktu.

Website: www.haymakers.co.uk

Advice and Support

Wales for Africa

Leading the Welsh Assembly response to help deliver the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals to halve global poverty by 2015. This team has consistently offered invaluable advice and support to Tuareg Relief in its formative period as an international development NGO. The team also offered excellent support to Jump4Timbuktu on how best to establish it's fair trade and charity credentials. They also offered timely advice on small business start-up grants for Welsh companies.

Website: www.wales.gov.uk/walesforafrica

Gold Star Communities

Welsh initiative for supporting community links with Africa with advice and grants for many communities and groups in Wales. Has offered regular support for Jump4Timbuktu, including two very useful grants to develop our website and strengthen our fair trade, charity, media and PR profile.

Website: www.goldstarcommunities.org.uk


A support and collaborative organisation for small and medium sized international development organisations working in Wales. Has supported Jump4Timbuktu and Tuareg Relief to develop their thinking on sustainable development projects in Timbuktu and on associated fair trade and charity fund raising.

Website: www.smidos.com

Fair Trade Networks

World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO)

Formally known as IFAT, the WFTO is a global authority on fair trade having driven the movement for 20 years. Has highly influential membership and offers superb advice to businesses and organisations across the globe. Jump4Timbuktu participates in a stakeholder group looking to develop a new Sustainable Fair Trade Management System (SFTMS).

Website: www.wfto.com


BAFTS promotes fair trade retailing in the UK and offers advice and support across it's network of retailers and wholesalers. Jump4Timbuktu achieved recognition in March 2009.

Website: www.bafts.org.uk

Wales Co-operative Centre

A co-operative development agency supporting community regeneration, economic development, and social justice. Jump4Timbuktu received excellent advice on developing our marketing plan from their Fair Trade Marketing Advisor.

Website: www.walescoop.com

Media Links

BBC sites



Tim Short, from Cardiff-based company TagliaTelly, directed the Jump4Timbuktu film "Route of Ink" and wrote the music. He is an independent film maker, cameraman/editor and musician. Tim makes films for the BBC, ITV and for charities such as VSO and Amnesty International. He travelled with us to Timbuktu in 2008. He can also be contacted at www.timtysonshort.co.uk and www.tagliatelly.co.uk

The Guardian Hay Festival

The Hay Festival offer support to Jump4Timbuktu with space in the festival shop each year and platforms to promote our work with the public.

Website: www.hayfestival.com

Plastic Buddha

A video film production group working on projects relating to the Gold Star Community Initiative. Produced a short film "Going for Gold" featuring Jump4Timbuktu as one of the groups and communities linked with Africa.

Website: www.plasticbuddha.co.uk

Hay-on-Wye and Timbuktu Community Link

Hay-on-Wye Town Council

Hay and Timbuktu formally twinned in October 2007 and the then Mayor of Hay, Gareth Ratcliffe, now chairs the umbrella coordinating group with support from Peter Lloyd, the current Mayor. Jump4Timbuktu is a formative member of the umbrella group and continues to work closely with others in the town to support cultural exchange, community projects in Timbuktu, and initiatives in Hay-on-Wye, including involvement in Fair Trade Hay, the local fair trade group.

Website: www.hay-on-wye.co.uk/htc


Doctors in Hay-on-Wye and their evolving programme of medical links and projects for Timbuktu.

Website: www.medics4timbuktu.org


Teachers and pupils in and around Hay-on-Wye and their programmes and projects for local schools in relationship with schools in Timbuktu.

Website: www.textbooks2timbuktu.org


Registered charity set up to fundraise for twinning initiatives in the Hay and Timbuktu link.

Website: www.hay2timbuktu.com

Online Links

Charities Directory

Charities Directory of charity and charities. Online database of charities, support services to charity and non profit making organisations.

Website: www.charitiesdirectory.com