Raising donations and selling jewellery in support of the Tuareg people of Timbuktu.
A charitable fair trade initiative in partnership with the Tuareg artisans of Timbuktu

Timbuktu Trade not Aid Video

Working with Tim Short of Tagliatelly Film Productions, we have produced a short film documenting the genesis of Jump4Timbuktu. Featuring wonderful imagery set in and around Timbuktu with artisans at work and scenes of every day life it presents how trade security reduces African poverty in Timbuktu.

High Quality Version

This version of our 7-minute video offers the very highest quality, but the 47Mb file does require a fast Internet connection. Click the button in the middle of the stay to start the video. Use the button at the far right of the control panel beneath the video to view it full-screen.

Lower Quality Versions

Users with lower speed Internet broadband connections may prefer to view one of two smaller versions of this video which are available on YouTube.com