Raising donations and selling jewellery in support of the Tuareg people of Timbuktu.
A charitable fair trade initiative in partnership with the Tuareg artisans of Timbuktu

Jump and support us

Our vision is to recreate a modern crossroads of trade for this ancient city by inspiring people across the world to Jump4Timbuktu.

Help us to make this a reality. The more of you who support us, the bigger the benefit for Timbuktu and its Tuareg artisans.

To be successful we need people to feel inspired to volunteer their time to support us, to donate, or to fundraise with your own campaign. We also need your help to buy/sell our artisan products.

Jump with your own campaign

We have a really cool and easy way for you to organise your own Jump4Timbuktu fundraising campaign using our JustGiving facility to collect donations for our charity. Jump and donate

Jump and find a gallery

Do you have a retail outlet/gallery for jewellery &/or crafts? Are you able to make space available and sell our artisan jewellery? (For existing retail supporters and outlets, see Network & Links) Contact us

Jump and host a jewellery party

Can you volunteer to hold a jewellery party with your network of friends or colleagues? If so, we can set you up with a range of jewellery and promotional material. All profits reduce poverty through sustainable development projects in Timbuktu. Contact us

Jump and promote

We need help with publicity in the press, TV and radio. Can you help us with an article or campaign? Or do you know someone who can? Contact us

Jump and endorse

Are you able to endorse Jump4Timbuktu? Do you know someone who would support our campaign, or be seen wearing our artisan products? Contact us

Jump and book a speaker

If you can create an event, we have a fantastic story to tell and people to tell it with films, slide shows and brochures Contact us

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Tuareg woman with silver and copper jewellery (click to enlarge)

Tuareg woman with silver and copper jewellery

tuareg boy with hoop

One in six children die before the age of six.

Timbuktu woman wearing Tuareg silver neck piece (click to enlarge)

Timbuktu woman wearing Tuareg silver neck piece

Tuareg on camel (click to enlarge)

Tuareg rider in typical Saharan desert landscape near to Timbuktu.